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Let’s Do the Math on DIY Gummies Kits

Your local dispensary probably sells individual packs of gummies. Is making your own with a DIY gummies kit really a better investment? Let’s do the math.

The average price of a 10mg package of medicated gummies at your local licensed store is approx $8.50! Your cost per gummy with distillate is $1.38 if you use our Frckn’ Delicious! kit!! That is a huge savings as you can see from our chart below!

** Frckn’ Delicious! Gummy Price vs Licensed Producer Gummy Prices (with 10mg of legally purchased Distillate per gummy)**

Prepackaged Gummies

Okay, want to take a deeper dive? Here's another way to do it. We’ll take the average cost and size of a pack of dispensary edible gummies as an example. 

Let’s say your local dispensary sells packs of 5 gummies for $10 (that would be with only 10mg per package!). 

That’s $2 per gummy. Not terrible, but definitely not great. 

Aside from the price, however, let’s look at what’s in those gummies.

How strong is the edible? What is it made of? Is the concentrate they used safe to consume?

For most of us, a dispensary edible won’t be the perfect dose we’re looking for. It might be too strong, meaning you’ll have to be careful when you take it or even try to cut it in half. Or it could be far too weak, meaning you’ll have to eat two or even three to get the desired effects. If that’s the case, your pack of gummies isn’t going to last very long at all! 

Additionally, most places don’t tell you what strain your gummies are made of, or disclose the quality of oil used. Many manufacturers use the crudest quality of oil, and aren’t concerned about the quality of the ingredients they use for their recipe either. 

So while a $10 pack of gummies doesn’t seem that great of an expense, the quality and quantity of the products can leave us with a pretty bad taste in our mouths.


Making Your Own DIY Gummies

Making your own gummies seems daunting at first - especially if you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing! 

It’s easy to assume that it will be expensive, or that it will be difficult or time consuming.

Using a Frckn' Delicious! DIY Gummies kit makes the process cost effective and as quick and easy as it can possibly be - you just melt, add, and pour! 

Our recipes are designed by a professional Chef in a variety of flavours, using high-quality ingredients each time. And our DIY gummy process allows you to use your own add-ins and oil or distillate, making sure you get exactly the benefits you want out of them. You can even choose from our selection of available superfoods to add to your order! 

But how do the numbers add up?

Our large Frckn’ Delicious DIY Gummy kit makes 126 bite-sized gummies. 

While we can’t know exactly the cost of the oil or distillate you’ll be adding to your gummies, we’re estimating $66 per 1g (taxes in) for Distillate as per Cannabis NB pricing (other oils are less expensive but distillate will give you gummies with zero cannabis flavour)… 

This recipe would make each one of your DIY gummies cost $1.38! And once you purchase the kit, you only have to buy a refill each time which brings the cost down to $1.07 each!

A much more cost-effective solution than the dispensary’s $2 per gummy. And you’ll know that your DIY gummies are made with high-quality ingredients, with your favourite strain, and exactly the dosage you need. 

There’s no messing around buying equipment, cooking ingredients, or utensils you’ll never use. Your DIY Gummies kit comes with everything you need, and the gummy-making process takes less than 15 minutes of work. 

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