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How to Make CBD Gummies at Home

Curious about making your own CBD gummies? Our step-by-step instruction guide makes this process a breeze. Seriously - the DIY Gummies process is hands-down the simplest and fastest way to make your own CBD gummies, in the comfort of your home.

What is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a chemical compound that comes from the cannabis plant. Unlike its notorious cousin THC, cannabidiol is non-psychoactive - it doesn’t alter your mental state. This makes it a popular choice for people looking for the health benefits of cannabis without the “high”.

CBD oil is often used as a natural treatment for pain relief, anxiety, inflammation, and sleep. With many areas legalizing marijuana for medical and recreational use, more and more studies are being conducted showing multiple health benefits of CBD, making this a very promising candidate for many conditions, both chronic and acute.

CBD oil is made by extracting the CBD compound from the cannabis sativa plant and mixing it with a carrier oil to allow for ease of use. This allows the CBD to be consumed safely, without the need to smoke or vape it.

One benefit of using CBD oil over other forms of CBD is that it gives you the ability to put it in your food - and what better way to do that, than to make gummies with it!

Why You Should Make Your Own CBD Gummies

While there’s multiple ways you can choose to consume your CBD, we’re particularly partial to gummies! There’s a couple reasons why:

CBD gummies are mess-free and convenient

While, yes, CBD oil can be consumed on its own, there is one major drawback to this method. The bottle itself is a spill risk, and ask anyone who’s accidentally knocked it over: There are few things more heartbreaking than watching an expensive concoction go spreading across the floor.

Additionally, keeping your CBD in oil form means that each time you want to use it, you need to measure it out first. That’s not always so convenient. Sometimes, like those early-morning, late-for-work rushes, it’s a much better idea to have something prepared and ready to grab on your way out the door. With CBD gummies, you know you’re getting the same dose every time, with no spilled drops - or worse, spilled bottles.

CBD gummies are more shelf-stable than other options

One of the great things about consuming your CBD is that it can go in a variety of recipes - and we do have multiple recipes you can use! But using a DIY Gummies kit gives you 126 individual gummies each time, meaning you don’t have to be ready to cook to enjoy your CBD in an edible form. Gummies are far easier to make in advance and save than, say, a smoothie - so you can enjoy your batch on-the-go, at any time.

Exactly How You Like Them

When you make your own CBD gummies you have total control over the end product. Your own DIY gummies have exactly the amount of CBD you want in each portion. You choose your own flavour or combination of flavours. And best of all - our shop has a variety of add-in ingredients, so you can customize your gummies for added potential!

Ingredients like turmeric, ginger, or collagen can really help to boost the wellness effects of your CBD gummies, and when you make them yourself, it’s easy to ensure you’re getting all the benefits you want. Check out our selection of add-ins here to see what else you could be getting in your CBD gummies.

How to Make Your Own CBD Gummies

These instructions show you how to quickly and easy make your own CBD gummies at home using our DIY Gummies starter kit. Our kit contains everything you need to get started - no messing around! You don’t need to buy any extra equipment or ingredients for your DIY gummies. Just bring your favourite CBD oil or distillate and get DIYing!

Step 1:

Open up your CBD Gummies starter kit in whatever flavour you choose. Your kit will contain:

  1. One large BPA-free silicone mold to make 126 gummies

  2. A scraper

  3. One extra-large gummy, for melting down

  4. An instruction leaflet

Step 2:

Place the giant gummy in a saucepan on your stove, turned to medium-low heat. Melt slowly, stirring often, until your gummy is fully liquid. DO NOT BOIL! This should only take about 8 to 10 minutes.

Step 3:

Add in your CBD oil or distillate, and any add-ins that you choose to include. Stir gently until well mixed.

For easy dosage, figure out how much CBD oil you normally use at one time, then multiply that by 126 - this will ensure each gummy contains one dose of your preferred strength and brand.

Step 4:

Place your silicone mold on a baking sheet (to easily transfer it to the fridge or freezer once it is full).

Gently pour the mixture from your saucepan onto the silicone mole. Using the scraper provided, level out the top so that each indent contains an equal amount of the mixture. You’ll want to make sure they’re even, so that each gummy has the same amount of CBD oil.

Step 5:

Place your silicone mold into the fridge for two to four hours, until the mixture is fully solidified. For faster results, you can put your gummies directly into the freezer - they’ll take about 15 minutes to freeze.

Once your gummies are solidified, they’re ready to enjoy! Store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place- we recommend the fridge - and you’re good to go!

Why Choose DIY Gummies?

When you choose DIY Gummies to make your edible CBD gummies, the hardest part is done for you. We handle the measurements, make sure the flavour is just right, and ensure you’re getting the highest quality gummy to start your process with.

Unlike the gummies you might find at your local dispensary, your DIY gummies will have exactly the type - and amount! - of product you want. And they’re super easy to make ahead of time and grab on the go.

Our variety of flavours and add-ins ensures you’ll never get bored with your edibles. Best of all, with so many flavours to choose from, you can make different kinds and colour-code your gummies by strength or health benefit!

Our DIY Gummies kits make the gummy-making process quick, easy, fun - and most importantly, delicious!

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